Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I found this project, although simple, to be the quickest and the funnest we have done so far, all of the photos i took were awesome i still have many more which i will post under neath the blog. The first photos were taken as i was walking home, i noticed that nature has a pattern it follows in the flow of things, and so do we, I took pictures of the surrounding trees that masked a building with a fenced in yard. the fence is old and the strips that were used to hide the contents that are protected had been worn down. The other three (?) were taken at my apartment complex, this was very easy to do considering that most apartments are made in a particular pattern, even the cars parked in a certain way that formed a small pattern. The A/c caught my eye coming down, it would have been nice to catch them in motion and put it on here, but anyway.. I ate lunch and noticed the floor was a perfect example of rythmic patterns and so i caught it, and Finally the one that i feel was the best pattern of all were these 4 college girls passing by with two covered in red buckets and two not, so i asked them to pose for me naturally,and they automatically got into this pose.

here are the rest of the pictures i took for wash.

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